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Profit First Coaching

Shouldn’t the profit come first?

After all it is YOUR BUSINESS!!

The Problem: A backwards formula…

Sales minus Expenses equals Profit is a flawed formula. This put’s profits as an afterthought instead of a strategy.

Standard financial statements ignore the problem of human behavior around the numbers. We want to introduce you to a system that acknowledges the way you think about money, and build a strategy around insuring profits and 

Hear from Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, endorses Mario

Why do we take our profit last? Because that’s the paradigm we’ve accepted since accounting was invented.

The same behavior that tells us to take our profit last can be used to turn that around and take out our profit first. Does it work? Yes. How do we know? We have proof. Consider how you fund a 401(k) plan. Do you take the contribution from your paycheck before, or after you get your net pay?

We’ll actually show you how to GUARANTEE immediate profitability.