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About Us

Mario Raia, brings 30 years of experience helping organizations understand and link activity to practical, tangible, bottom line results.

A highly experienced business coach and consultant, Mario has worked with start ups to global organizations, utilizing his expertise in tying strategy to tactical execution.

He works with companies to:

  • Create or improve viable strategy
  • Build strong, cohesive management teams with clear roles, responsibilities and accountability to achieve results
  • Strengthen processes and flow management in all functional areas such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance
  • Provide the financial acumen needed to design, forecast and track financial results
  • Evaluate financial and performance management systems through the use of a simple easy-to-follow scorecard

Mario also helps clients:

  • Define their market space
  • Devise a go-to-market strategy
  • Create a compelling offer that gets the attention of the right customers in the right markets
  • Put together marketing and sales pipeline tracking systems

Mario began his career as a Certified Public Accountant with Ernst and Young, an international CPA firm, before founding an accounting and a consulting firm.  Mario holds a Masters degree in Accountancy from Brigham Young University.  He has studied with Eliyahu Goldratt, author of “The Goal” and the founding thinker of the Theory of Constraints.  He is a certified practitioner of supply chain and production logistics (from manufacturing to retail), and has also worked extensively in project based environments.

He lives in Vancouver, Washington where he enjoys CrossFit, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, and golf.  He also serves in various leadership positions for community organizations and for his church.

Partial list of organizations worked with:

Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, i2 Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems, Sequent Computer/ IBM, Canadian Forest Products, LSI Logic, Rockwell International, Providence Healthcare, Collins Products, Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Lam Research, Liberty Diversified, Pacificorp, Steelscape, EMC/Documentum, Amgen, Ingersoll Rand, FEI Company, Cooper Tire, Crystal Reports, Tyco Electronics, Wells Fargo, General Electric, Northwest Pipe

How does our experience benefit what is offered to our clients today?

We can step into a situation, help make sense of it, find the few key leverage points that will drive greater results, work with the client to generate a robust strategy, pull together an implementation plan, and coach them through the execution of it.

What’s the best thing you do for clients?

We listen carefully.  Our clients know a lot more than they think they do.  Our job is to help them surface the hidden business and human capital they have, and then use it to drive bottom line results.

What are your personal “business words to live by?”

Tired of “Silo Mentality?”  A business is an interconnected system within itself, and also with the outside world.  Sometimes decisions are made without considering their impact on those systems, and the people within them.  Because of this, a good local decision can adversely affect the flow and profitability of the overall business.  When we align people and measures, and use systemic thinking, we empower people with the ability to make great decisions that also contribute positively to the bottom line.

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