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Our Approach

Creating Enough Momentum to Break Through to the Next Level is all about 2 things:

  1. Getting clear about the current situation using a comprehensive 360 business assessment methodology (Establishing Current State)
  2. Working with the business leadership to design a clear, specific vision that is more than financial. It must energize everyone associated with the organization (including its customers). This vision must, by definition, build the intrinsic value of the business over time in order to reward those with ownership risk. Thus a transition strategy must be in place should the leadership decide to sell or simply retire from active participation at some future time.

The following is a typical engagement:

1. Assess Your Business

  • Financial Assessment – comparative analysis to like sized companies
  • Employee Workplace Assessment – shows you the cultural areas that may be putting stress on your business and holding back growth
  • Customer Assessment – shows how customers have positioned your business
  • Brand Assessment – determines if you have meaningful brand equity
  • Leadership Assessment – gives you insight to leverage your strengths
  • Market Valuation – provides a current market value for your business

 Typical Results that come from the assessment:

  • Quickly get to the heart of issues holding back your business
  • Understand your market position in the minds of your customers
  • Learn how satisfying your workplace is for your most important asset – your people
  • Uncover and leverage management strengths
  • Quickly develop growth and profit strategies that work

Create a Comprehensive Plan

  • Exit Planning – Planning for eventual retirement from the business
  • Financial Goals – Planning compensation and owner ROI
  • Personal Goals – lifestyle quality and balance
  • Business Objectives – Qualitative targets for the business and its people
  • Market Opportunities – Defining and assessing business expansion

Business Acceleration and Ongoing Coaching:

  • Keeping the leadership team focused and on-track toward their destination
  • Creating the messaging to engage all stakeholder (customers, providers, etc)
  • Designing the organization’s scorecard to track progress and create accountability
  • Organizational design to make sure the right people are in the right seats on the bus

Coach or Consultant?

A coach is not the same as a consultant. A consultant is shared for specific expertise in a narrowly defined area of your business. As a coach, I’m here to help you learn how to solve your own problems. My role is to empower you to be strong and capable enough to run your business. I help you set goals and then hold you accountable to the plans that are created to achieve your goals. Below represents the typical role of an Executive Coach.

Typical Role

  1. Advisor
  2. Confidante
  3. Sounding board
  4. Helps you see on the big picture AND manage the day-to-day work without losing focus
  5. Devil’s advocate (and removes your fear about walking into the danger zone)
  6. Encourager
  7. Creates transparency (no place to hide)
  8. Gets everyone in the same boat, rowing in the same direction
  9. One who creates accountability in the organization

Maximizing Value of Your Company with the Combined IQ Executive Coaching Program

Combined IQ Inc (CIQ) works with mid market companies to improve the overall value of their business. CIQ provides meaningful corporate and business development consulting, management services, valuations and other business sourcing. Whether you are planning on selling your business in the next year or next ten years, you would benefit greatly by understanding and applying value maximization principles. Value maximization is one of the most powerful tools that you can employ, because it helps you ensure that you have built the equity you deserve.

CIQ develops, with clients, a one to five year business value maximization plan. We first identify the owner/manager’s personal goals and then translate those goals into primary objectives for the company. We then work with the executive and leadership team to address the specific business and organizational issues that are keeping you from achieving your personal goals.

Working with your business, we focus our efforts on developing, improving or enhancing corporate growth strategies in order to reach targeted enterprise value objectives. CIQ assists business owners, executives and managers with strategies for responding to issues that are stifling business growth. We then look at these strategies in terms of alignment with company values, customer needs, technology systems, specific skills or core competencies, staff evaluations, and compensation structures. Simply stated, we help you maximize the value of your company.

Features of Our Executive Program

Strategic Planning Workshop: Create Purpose for Being, as a team. Develop 2-3 Mission. Identify Objectives that support Mission. Create the Goals that support the Objectives. Develop Action Plans that deliver on the Goals. Execute 2 highly effective Team Building exercises

Financial Assessment – comparative analysis of your revenue, expense and income growth as related to like sized trucking companies. We compare your trends and the trends in the industry as a whole and in your size category. This provides insight as to areas that may be out of balance and holding back your growth possibilities.

Employee Workplace Assessment – this shows you the areas in your workplace and culture that may be putting stress on your business and holding back growth. We identify the 5 primary strengths areas, weaknesses and further identify what your employees are wanting to see if there are any imbalances causing problems with your company culture.

Customer Assessment – we survey selected customers to assess the strength of those customer relationships, the strength of your market position and surface any risks in your service delivery system.

Brand Assessment – our analysis will determine if you have meaningful brand equity, how your current brand is positioned and whether your brand is helping or hurting your growth prospects

Leadership Strengths Assessments: Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment tool and combining it with our unique analysis TranStrategy can give you a clear picture as to the strengths of you and your staff but more importantly can show you have to leverage your strengths for maximum results. Each assessment is evaluated individually and a detailed analysis is delivered to you so that you can better manage your most important asset, your Human Resource.

Market Valuation – based on the above assessment areas we will provide a current market value for your business. Use this valuation to set performance and exit planning targets.

Then delivered with 12 months of bi-weekly meaningful coaching sessions – “We stay in it for the long haul”

Other Services We Provide

Development and Training: Using our proven assessment, coaching programs and compensations studies, Combined IQ will help you source and then maximize the effectiveness of your staff including sales managers, operations executives and administrative managers.

Sales Training: We offer a practical course that spans 5 weeks where your sales people will receive, develop, and use sales tools that will dramatically increase their productivity.