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Business Development

Sales Training

Our sales training is based on 5-6 weeks of practical training and coaching where participants receive 1-2 hours of training each week, then use the learnings on the job. Personal coaching is provided to help them assimilate the concepts and make them actionable.

Sales Training Modules:

  1. Defining markets and positioning
  2. Identify opportunities – REVIEW
  3. Know the decision makers and what matters to them
  4. Determine biggest customer pains and their impact
  5. Match your solutions to the need
  6. Ask for the business and deliver on your promises
  7. Relationship Selling
    1. Building your sales process (creating the unrefusable offer)
    2. Getting to know them
    3. Determining buyer behavior
    4. Uncovering needs (going deep…)
    5. Determining the value of the sale to the customer
    6. The post sale: Standing behind your commitments
  8. Measuring success in sales