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Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll & Compliance

You deserve to have weekly financials

Does it sometimes feel like you’re driving down the road using your rear view mirror? 

You need current financial info so you know how your business is doing NOW. That way you can make great decisions during the month, instead of waiting and waiting for dated financials.

It’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my company’s success
Betty Business

Owner/Entrepreneur, Best business ever

Let’s Break It down

  • Send all your receipts and invoices using an app on your smart phone or email
  • We review and publish them into your accounting system
  • Then we hook up your accounting system to your bank and credit card companies
  • Finally, we reconcile everything together every week so you have current financial info at your fingertips

Bottom line: You get weekly financial statements accessible 24/7 anytime, anywhere, on any device…



Our payroll system makes sure your employees are paid on time, and that all the proper taxes are paid timely to the various authorities. Employees have 24/7 access to their paystubs and W-2’s. New employees complete all their paperwork online. We can manage and track benefits such as sick and vacation time off, health insurance, 401k, and more.

Employee Scheduling and Job Costing

Our system allows you to schedule your employees and assign them to tasks or jobs. After your approval, their time is sent directly to our payroll system. 


We can even invoice your customers if you need us to. 

Tax Planning and Compliance

We have the ability to take care of federal, state and local tax compliance. We also make sure your business is structured properly to take advantage of every possible tax break.